Next Generation Manufacturing Summit

The annual Next Generation Manufacturing Summit, presented by BizTimes Media, features an exciting interactive discussion with chief executive officers of southeastern Wisconsin companies. The CEOs will share their companies’ best operational strategies and discuss their solutions for competing in a global marketplace.

Managing Complexities - Culture, Costs, Customers and Supply Chain

Join us October 12th for the 16th Annual Next Generation Manufacturing Summit. CEOs from the region’s leading manufacturers will discuss how they are managing today’s complexities and will share best practices that help their businesses succeed. Manufacturers are faced with tremendous challenges including significantly disrupted supply chains, a major workforce shortage, plus automation and productivity issues.

These challenges make it difficult to control costs, manage customer expectations and put tremendous pressure on company culture.

The program begins with a keynote conversation with Steven Richman, Group President of Milwaukee Tool. Next, a CEO panel will address supply chain realities and how local leaders are dealing with product delays, higher prices and managing customer frustrations. Panelists will also focus on strategies for creating a positive company culture and being more productive and doing more with less.

Keynote conversation:

  • Steven P. Richman, Group President, Milwaukee Tool (1)


  • Bob Gross, President & CEO, Gross Automation, LLC (2)
  • Ryan Reigle, President & CEO, Regal Ware (3)
  • Jim Schneberger, President, New Berlin Plastics (4)
  • Mike Steger, President & COO, Waukesha Metal Products (5)


  • Carol Crawford, Senior Consultant, WMEP (6)

The educational program concludes with breakout sessions on automation, culture, supply chain and more. Stay to network and mingle over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Breakout Sessions

Growth Through Automation – Expand Production with Existing Workforce As Manufacturers struggle with tight labor pools, they are increasingly evaluating Automation as a potential solution to increase throughput. Facility-wide Automation Assessments are key to understanding project priority and developing an Automation Action Plan. Key takeaways include:

  • Automation Assessment Process: How to evaluate projects for risk and ROI
  • Developing an Action Plan: Prioritizing projects for immediate and future impact
  • Assessment Feedback: Hear how Basin Precision Machining utilized the Assessment results

Presenters: Colin Wilson, Senior Automation Consultant, WMEP and David Verhoff, President, Basin Precision Machining A Culture of Retention: Using Your Brand to Retain Organizations are all looking for help these days. What they need to know is that there are actually two areas of focus, how they attract and how they retain. This session will discuss the essential actions that allow participants to have an advantage over their competition for talent and will feature insights from Mark Schnettler, President of Poly Vinyl Co. Presenters: Thomas Shultz, Manager, HR Consulting, CLA and Mark Schnettler, President, Poly Vinyl Co.

Managing and Minimizing Risk: The importance of having strong terms and conditions and understanding insurance coverage issues.

Sales are negotiated and consummated between companies every day. However, if you do not have detailed, product-specific, terms and conditions, these generic or “standardized” terms may come back to haunt you should a dispute subsequently arise. If disputes do arise, having an understanding of issues relating to insurance coverage can save your company thousands of dollars. Join D|K for an in-depth discussion on the importance of crafting terms and conditions that are tailored to your business that will help assure your company that, should a dispute arise, you will not be at the mercy of your adversary’s terms and conditions and how to address insurance-related coverage issues if you find yourself in a lawsuit.
Presenter: Aaron Hall, Construction and Commercial Litigation Attorney, Davis|Kuelthau, s.c.
Controlling Construction Costs and Mitigating Risks in Uncertain Times The same workforce and supply chain challenges that manufacturers are facing are affecting the construction industry. This can create uncertainty and risk for manufacturers in determining how much a capital improvement project will cost and how long it will take. In this session, CG Schmidt construction experts will discuss the types of capital improvements that manufacturers are making in response to current business opportunities and challenges, as well as specific, proactive strategies for mitigating risk and controlling costs that can allow you to move ahead in the construction process with confidence. Presenters: Matt Bruggink, Managing Director, CG Schmidt, April Hannon, Business Development Executive, CG Schmidt, and Bryce Unger, Managing Director, CG Schmidt

The Impact Proposed Tax Law Changes May Have on your Personal Wealth As congress works to pass new legislation that will change the Federal tax code, you need to consider how to adjust for it. This breakout session will provide perspective on the proposed new tax laws and case studies on ways you can prepare. Presenter: David Butts, Senior Wealth Planning Consultant, BMO Private Bank

Event Details

RECORDED ON: Tuesday, October 12, 2021
2:00-6:30 PM | The Ingleside Hotel

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