Wisconsin 275
Wisconsin 275
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Finding Wisconsin's Influential Leaders

A new special issue is coming in December from the editors of BizTimes Media, and you’re among the first to get the details. It’s Wisconsin 275: The State’s Most Influential Business Leaders.

Unprecedented in scope and the result of a year-long initiative, Wisconsin 275 will provide an engaging, personal look at the people who make Wisconsin such a powerful economic force. Carefully selected by the BizTimes Media editorial team, this print and digital publication will feature the 275 most influential business and community leaders across major industries in the state.

Published and distributed with BizTimes Milwaukee’s Dec. 12 issue, along with additional statewide distribution, Wisconsin 275 will be a special annual issue of BizTimes Media – perfect-bound, printed on heavy stock and designed to be both a lasting reference and business tool. In addition to the print issue, there will be an interactive and engaging digital platform accessible through BizTimes.com.

While we are based in southeastern Wisconsin and there will be strong representation from this region, influential leaders will also come from Green Bay and The Fox Valley, the greater Madison area, and other regions of the state. This initiative will also help business leaders in Wisconsin connect with and learn about others from around the state.

The 275 executives are being selected based on extensive contacts in regional business circles, numerous interviews and months of research, resulting in a highly selective biographical guide to the people who really run Wisconsin.

We are now accepting recommendations for candidates to be considered for the publication. Current elected officials will not be eligible. Not all on the list will be known statewide figures, but certainly each will wield influence locally. Bringing those less-familiar names to the attention of our readers, we believe, is important as you work to grow your business or organization. Those no longer active or who live outside Wisconsin will not be eligible.

Undoubtedly, we will put some people on the list who do not want to be included, and we will leave some off who will be disappointed. Because we intend to make this an annual print and digital publication, it will change year to year.

Thank you in advance for providing us with your recommendations as we assemble our first list of Wisconsin’s most influential business leaders. I’m confident our team will provide you with an engaging and valuable resource.

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