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NEW for 2020: Innovate Wisconsin: Manufacturing and Beyond is an annual print and digital publication which showcases how Wisconsin companies are carrying that legacy into the future. It’s not just about bending metal and brewing beer, it’s about creating innovative products and services, developing unique partnerships that leverage the power of higher education, protecting the environment while also turning a profit, and creating a workforce for the future.

Startups, entrepreneurs, and even longstanding historic corporations that call Wisconsin home are thriving thanks to a commitment to innovative thinking. Innovate Wisconsin will focus on today’s innovators: those fostering business growth, those daring us to dream bigger, reach farther, and work harder for the betterment of Wisconsin’s future.

Innovate Wisconsin delivers direct access to the most innovative business leaders, decision makers and influencers responsible for driving change in the state. Be part of a historic keepsake focusing on Wisconsin’s core growth industries. For advertising and sponsorship opportunities contact Linda Crawford at (414) 336-7112 or advertise@biztimes.com

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