The Business Case for Work-Based Learning - Why You Need to Act Now

Work-Based Learning offers employers an opportunity to develop a skilled workforce while also strengthening their connection with the local community. This informative guide will give you the tools to get started today.

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What You'll Learn

Help reduce your talent gap and build your own workforce pipeline while supporting your community

How to engage current employees and improve company morale with mentorship.

How to accelerate the development of technical skills that fit your business model.

"For Komatsu, the GPSEd program is great because we are able to train the next generation of our workforce and we look forward to continuing to grow that. The GPSEd program is such a successful way of helping students, educators, and parents get connected with what is possible in technical education, and that leads to families supporting these jobs and careers in the future."

John Koetz

President, Surface Mining at Komatsu

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