M&A Forum

BizTimes Media’s annual M&A Forum helps buyers and sellers learn what they need to know as they consider their options and move through the process. Each year, the Forum provides valuable insight on a host of buy-sell concerns, from exit strategies to finding the perfect acquisition.

The M&A Market is White Hot – Are you a Seller or a Buyer?

Many of the region’s business buyers and sellers joined BizTimes Media to learn about best practices and the latest in what’s trending as it relates to mergers and acquisitions at the annual M&A Forum. For business owners who weathered the last twelve months, now is the perfect time to buy or sell. They heard from a buy-side panel and a sell-side panel filled with local executives who have just gone through the merger or acquisition process and walk away with insightful and actionable information to guiding future financial decisions. Panel Discussion: Selling Your Business From Strategy to Execution – hear from company owners who have gone through the sale process and learn what advice they have if you’re considering selling. Panelists:

  • Dan Cahalane, President, American Roller and Plasma Coatings (1)
  • Rob Dillon, Executive Vice President, OwnersEdge (2)
  • Michael Malatesta, Leader, ERC Midwest, LLC (3)

Moderator: Ann Hanna, Managing Director & Owner, Taureau Group (4)  

Panel Discussion: Selling Your Business

Panel Discussion: Bringing it All Together Integration and Value Creation Post-Deal – This session will focus on finding the right acquisition target, managing the transition, aligning cultures and leveraging synergies needed to achieve sustainable growth and post-deal value creation. Panelists:

  • Sequoya Borgman, Managing Director, Borgman Capital (5)
  • Karen Hung, CEO, Silver Rock Consulting (6)
  • Al Orr, CEO & Shareholder, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c. (7)
  • Terry Schneider, President, Welcome Dairy Holdings, LLC/Gamay Food Ingredients, LLC (8)

Moderator: Inge Plautz, Senior Vice President, Old National Bank (9)

Panel Discussion: Bringing it All Together

Breakout Sessions

After the panel discussions, attendees joined one of three concurrent breakout sessions followed by networking and a cocktail reception.

Topics: Key Factors Driving Company Value Understanding what impacts purchase price is essential to maximize your company’s value – You’ll gain insight into the levers you can pull to drive value in your business before you start the sale process.

  • Tyler Carlson, Vice President & Owner, Taureau Group
  • Derek Smith, Commercial Bank Exec, SVP – Old National Bank

Breakout Session: Key Factors Driving Company Value

Funding Your Transaction This breakout session will dive into the nuances of financing a transaction – from securing senior and mezzanine financing and what to expect as a part of that, as well as appropriate equity and seller debt expectations while talking through the implications of each on the overall capital structure of the company.

  • Jason M. Eggert, VP, Wisconsin Corporate Banking, Old National Bank
  • Phil Smith, Manager of Accounting and Investments – Gary Comer Inc.
  • Kathryn K. Westfall, Shareholder – Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c.

Breakout Session: Funding Your Transaction – A Candid Conversation on the Capital

Tax & Deal Structure Insights This session will provide an overview of tax and deal structuring considerations that should be analyzed in all transactions, including the tax structure of the transaction.

  • Doug Huenink, Associate, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c.
  • Michael Schroeder, Vice President & Owner, Taureau Group

Breakout Session: Tax & Deal Structure Insights

Event Details

Wednesday, July 21, 2021
2:00 – 6:30 PM
Brookfield Conference Center

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