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2019 Seminars


Fast Tracking Sales Growth

Christine McMahon, Christine McMahon & Associate

Sales professionals who refine their Go-to-Market sales strategies achieve staggering results within three years. In this session, Christine will cover three essential strategies for improving your sales success, which results in revenue growth, increased deal size, reduction in sales cycle time and close rate improvement.

Your Customers Are on YouTube. Now Let’s Get in Front of Them.  

Joe Martinez, director of client strategy, Clix Marketing 

YouTube reaches over 1 billion users. That’s almost one-third of all internet users. More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices. Your audience is on YouTube. Now learn how to get in front of them. Video isn’t an industry-specific medium. It’s a necessity for any brand serious about building trust and growing new user awareness.

Instantaneous Differentiation: How to Make Yourself Memorable    

Paul Neuberger, founder & CEO, cold call coach and president, The Starr Group 

One of the ultimate secrets to sales success is something that everyone is aware of, but very few people know how to execute on: differentiation. What is it that your company offers that no one else does? How do you communicate that message in a clear, concise, articulate manner within a few seconds to stand out from the crowd?

Reputation Management: It’s Only an Afterthought Until it’s on Everyone’s Mind

Kimberly Kane, president & CEO and Sarah Fracek, director, marketing & brand strategy, Kane Communications Group  

In this age of live-streaming, fake news and major political movements, issues, even misunderstandings, can impact your reputation and hurt your business. Learn critical strategies to minimize risk, work through tough issues, and come out ahead.

Can Your Business Survive an IT Attack?

David Stamm, CEO, Stamm Tech  

Ransomware and similar cyber-attacks have been in the news for large attacks lately, but most of the time they target small to mid-size businesses. These can compromise your business, relationships and identity. This presentation will cover several practices and real-life examples on securing networks, data, applications, as well as business-level decisions that can help reduce risk.

Cracking the Code: Using Digital Transformation to Elevate Customer Experience and Productivity   

Sarit Singhal, president & CEO, Superior Support Resources Inc. 

What exactly is digital transformation and how does it apply to your job and your company?         This session will give you practical examples of how you can integrate technology to improve customer experience, increase productivity, and allow a business to scale.


The Execution Tune-Up: Getting from Vision to Execution & Results    

John Howman, management consultant, Allied Consulting Group LLC and group chair, Vistage

Every CEO has a vision for his or her company; that’s the easy part! The secret isn’t having some phenomenal vision. It is creating a vision, getting everyone to understand it and their role, and then executing like crazy. Attendees will learn about the four key elements for every CEO and executive team.

Making Plans Come to Life to Scale your Business with an Engaged Staff     

Jerry Jendusa, co-founder and partner, STUCK LLC         

In order to propel a business forward, business plans need to be simple and easy for staff members to understand and align themselves to. Jerry Jendusa will speak about how he scaled his business using a Single-Page Plan, what tools he used to execute it, and how he kept his staff empowered and accountable during this process.

Business Planning – From Vision to Action    

Steve Riege, president, Ovation Leadership      

Have your business planning efforts fallen victim to insignificance, on the shelf with no accountability? Upgrade your ability to set direction and priorities, to simplify decision- making, and to drive team alignment towards success. Discover a proven 8-step business planning model that works.

Approach Difficult Conversations with Confidence        

Aleta Norris, co-founder and partner, Living As A Leader

Many people struggle with communication in the workplace. This is especially true when faced with others’ poor performance or behavior, differences of opinion, and uncomfortable emotions. Aleta will introduce tools to help you communicate more effectively, particularly under pressure.

What Blind Spots? What We Don’t See Can Ruin Our Business 

Dave Molenda, founder, Positive Polarity LLC 

Sometimes when you change lanes while driving you get careless and don’t check your blind spot. Best case, someone is watching for you and they honk their horn. Worst case, you end up in an accident. It all happens so fast. In this executive briefing, we will explore some of the most common business blind spots and how to watch for them.

Creating a Research Fueled Digital Marketing Strategy       

Lori Higby, president, Keystone Click  

Facebook, Twitter, SEO, podcasting, webinars, live streaming, paid ads, e-books, blogging, and the list goes on and on. Oftentimes, you hear that you are supposed to be on these channels and creating valuable information, but do you really know which of these items is right for your business?


Thriving in a Digital World    

Kerrie Hoffman, digital advisor, certified business coach, FocalPoint Business Coaching

The pace of business is continuously increasing, and digital technology is a key factor in this acceleration. No longer are competitors your only threat. Your organization’s willingness and capacity to change, and employees’ ability to identify and capitalize on business opportunities at an accelerated rate, is crucial to survival in a digital world.

Secrets of Successful Negotiations   

Christine McMahon, executive coach, Christine McMahon & Associates 

Secrets of Successful Negotiations will offer proven strategies to improve relationships and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. In this fast-paced interactive session, you will learn how to prepare for the toughest negotiation and effectively give and get concessions. When put into practice, these strategies will preserve margin and build respected relationships.

What Talent Really Wants 

Angela Damiani, co-founder & CEO, NEWaukee   

People today are more in touch than ever, yet reports of social isolation are rising. So much noise from apps and alerts has talent feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, in life and at work. True talent attraction is about creating connections that cut through that noise. Learn how to create a sense of belonging with your workforce that changes the way you attract and retain talent in the future.

Turn High Performers into Great Managers  

Tom Palzewicz, CEO and business coach, ActionCOACH  

How do I take my best workers and turn them into my best managers? When they suddenly have to shift from getting things done to making sure everyone else is getting things done, things break down. Your managers will learn how people operate, how to properly delegate, better time management and the difference between a System of Accountability and People Accountability.

How to Apply the Latest B2B Digital Marketing Trends  

Christina Steder, EVP and Cassy Richardson, SEO/PPC lead, Trivera Interactive   

B2B marketing is hard. Long sales cycles, the need to educate your prospects, and increasingly busy executives can make it challenging to get your target market’s attention. If you’re trying to decide whether advertising, content marketing or investments in your website are worth the time, effort and expense, this seminar can help.

Talent … the Search for the Holy Grail 

Jim Morgan, vice oresident, MRA – The Management Association   

Wisconsin’s projected long-term population growth and net migration rates are not going to meet the hiring needs of employers. What’s the answer for dealing with the worsening workforce talent shortage? Jim Morgan will share practical insights on how to compete for limited resources, and the multi-pronged efforts necessary to attract and retain workforce talent.

Event Details

  • Thursday, May 30, 2019
  • 9:00 – 4:30 PM
  • Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

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