Werner Electric Supply: Marking 75 years of innovation

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Current headquarters and regional distribution center in Appleton, Wisconsin.
Current headquarters and regional distribution center in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Last updated on March 29th, 2023 at 05:35 pm

Being a progressive electrical distributor has allowed Werner Electric Supply to provide innovative solutions to our customers with impactful results for the past 75 years. Our extensive team of electrical engineers, construction experts, and hands-on support technicians has kept businesses running efficiently from Iron Mountain to Kenosha.

Today, customers want dependability, innovation and on-time delivery to keep their projects on schedule and on budget and their production lines running. From our 220,000-square-foot distribution center in Appleton, Wisconsin, we deliver electrical supplies and industrial automation products and services across the Midwest. 

We effectively manage an inventory from trusted partners to ship more than 100,000 products every month quickly and accurately. Our business has evolved since starting as an appliance store and electrical contractor in Neenah, but the commitment to our customers has stayed the same.

“Our business has flourished because of the success of our customers,” said Craig Wiedemeier, president. “The extensive expertise of our team and the strong relationships with our vendor partners have allowed us to provide industry-leading solutions to our customer’s changing needs.”

To meet the needs of Wisconsin businesses, Werner Electric provides industrial automation, manufacturing software products, prefabricated and ready-to-install assemblies, construction electrical supplies, and a wide range of industrial and construction support services. More importantly, expert technicians guide our customers in exploring solutions to improve quality, reduce downtime, achieve project timelines and budgets, and minimize risk. 

Thanks to ongoing relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers including Eaton, Acuity, Brady and Leviton, just to name a few, we have access to the most innovative solutions in the world. 

From developing a connected enterprise in a state-of-the-art paper mill, managing electrical materials on a large construction site, delivering preassembled critical components, to minimizing customers’ risks of cyberattacks, Werner Electric uses our extensive resources to provide personalized solutions and essential value for all customers.

As Werner Electric looks ahead to the next 75 years, we will continue our relentless pursuit of exceptional customer experiences. “Our ability to evolve and adapt to ever-changing market conditions and consistently deliver innovative solutions for our customers positions us well to continue our growth for years to come,” Wiedemeier said.

In southern Wisconsin, we are ready to serve the construction and industrial markets from offices located in Madison, Janesville, Pewaukee and Kenosha. Please visit us at wernerelectric.com to learn more. 

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Tom Beschta has been with Werner Electric Supply since July 2021. As the marketing communications manager, Tom shares Werner Electric’s story through brand and content development. He has a background in journalism, marketing, sales and public relations.