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Mueller QAAS is an employee benefits consulting firm focused on helping employers develop strategies to offer quality, affordable, and accessible benefits to their employees.

Mueller QAAS is led by Jim Mueller, former President of Frank F. Haack and Associates and Zywave. While at Zywave, Jim dealt with domestic and international brokers and saw how these customers viewed the employee benefits world. This experience showed Jim that few brokers were embracing transparency and objectivity, even though it could produce better outcomes for their clients.

Like a traditional insurance broker, mueller QAAS can connect employer groups with fully insured and self-funded solutions for medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and disability benefits. What makes mueller QAAS different is their commitment to providing advice that is free from any financial conflicts of interest. Mueller QAAS offers clients a transparent disclosure of compensation and does not accept override or bonus payments that encourage brokers to push certain products.

With offices in Waukesha and Milwaukee, mueller QAAS serves dozens of high-profile clients throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. To learn more, visit www.myQAAS.com or call (262) 696-3680.

N19W24400 Riverwood Dr.

Suite 100

Waukesha, WI 53188

Contact: (262) 696-3680


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