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Featured from left to right: Kelly Bradley, CPA, CVA, Principal | Norm Roller, CPA, Principal | Bonnie Lilley, CPA, CGMA®, MBA, Principal Nancy Mehlberg, CVB, EA, Principal | Joel Nettesheim, CPA, CVB, PFS, Principal | Justin Chesbrough, CPA, MST, Principal

SVA Certified Public Accountants has been serving clients for more than 45 years. What started as a local firm in Madison, Wisconsin is now a regional firm serving closely held companies. The firm provides consulting services on business, financial and operational areas with expertise in several industries (i.e., health care, manufacturing, real estate and professional services).

SVA understands that the CPA firm industry is evolving and traditional CPA firms will not exist in the future. As the marketplace creates new demands, SVA’s leadership team is taking the steps to create their company vision for the next 45 years. They are committed to remaining an independent regional firm in the future by investing in their staff and technology that helps them serve their clients anytime, anywhere.

Just as SVA is evolving, they know that local businesses are focused on growing faster than ever. They are committed to positioning their clients to achieve their desired growth with resources, education, and expertise. SVA’s consultative approach helps business owners maximize profitability through the growth phase, as well as foster and control their own growth.

As the baby boomer generation retires, succession planning is one of the biggest considerations for businesses this decade. That’s why SVA developed a methodical approach to transition planning. SVA’s process guides business owners and typically takes at least five years. Whether a business is focusing on growth, profitability, or transition, SVA understands that the promise to deliver Measurable Results™ resonates. As they partner with clients, SVA is positioned to offer a customized plan based on their clients’ needs today and into the future.

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