Empowering success: Supporting women in meeting their financial goals

Thought Leadership: How She Leads

Jennifer Green & Danila Danesi
Jennifer Green & Danila Danesi

As local leaders within J.P. Morgan’s Private Bank Wisconsin, Jennifer Green, managing director, head of investments and advice, and Danila Danesi, vice president and banker, understand that leadership is about empowering others.  

“We have the power to lift and support each other through intellectual conversations and interactions,” Jennifer said. 

With the support of a 25-person team, they collaborate to ensure that their female clients have the knowledge and confidence to manage their financial lives. To bring this mission to life, they host regular events to delve into financial topics, demystify investment lingo, and forge deeper relationships with their female clients.  

Jennifer and Danila can attribute their success as advisers to various mentors over the years. As the daughter of a small business owner, Jennifer learned several key lessons early on, specifically the rewards that come from hard work and discipline. As she embarked on her career, one key mentor gave her the confidence to be herself, share her expertise, and inspire those around her. She built on these lessons over time, which have culminated in her current role as head of investments & advice. 

Danila also learned the value of hard work at home from her father, a prominent academic. That message was reinforced when she took on her first role in the financial industry at an investment firm. On the trading floor, she learned not to cut corners and constantly improve her craft, thus building trust and respect amongst her colleagues.

Both apply these lessons as leaders, ultimately focused on lifting those around them. 

This approach is central to how they work with the team at J.P. Morgan, engage with clients, and through their leadership roles in the community. 

This framework spills over into their mission to empower other women. As for the next generation, Danila firmly believes: “Take risks. The only regret you will have are the risks you didn’t take.” 

“Be a team player,” Jennifer added, “Live by the motto ‘Together Everyone Accomplishes More.’”