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Sentry Equipment shop employees
Sentry Equipment shop employees

Last updated on June 22nd, 2022 at 04:09 pm

Industry: Manufacturing
Number of employees: 180
Years in business: 98
Mission statement: Safeguard people and processes for a better world

Making things better, together 

Sentry Equipment is a global provider of representative sampling and analysis technologies, combining proven abilities in engineering, manufacturing, and service to help customers better their processes in a variety of markets and applications worldwide. 

We are committed to providing the insight, expertise, and follow-through to help customers make better decisions that lead to improved processes and results.

Every Sentry Equipment employee is a proud employee-owner. We all share in the benefits of our hard work, positive results, continuous improvement, and innovation. 

Our employee-owners are empowered and expected to take a chance, to take the initiative, and to identify opportunities to drive our customers’ businesses forward. 

We show up each day and give it our best shot. 

Our commitment to our employees is shown through outstanding benefits such as: 

  • Affordable health insurance
  • Onsite health clinic
  • Work/life balance 
  • Paid volunteer hours
  • So much more!

We’ve realized the secret to our success is the great people that work for us. We know they have made Sentry Equipment the world leader it is today, and we want to take care of them. 

At Sentry Equipment, we make things better together – our products, our employees, and the world around us. 

(262) 567-7256   |   sentry-equip.com 

Currently the HR Manager at Sentry Equipment, Mikaela Gitto joined the organization in 2019 as an HR Generalist. Her previous Talent Acquisition and Learning & Development positions at Northwestern Mutual and HR Coordinator at GE Healthcare made her a talented addition to Sentry Equipment. Her position as HR Generalist allowed Mikaela to display a wide array of skills in employee engagement, talent management, and establishing a learning and development program company-wide. With her promotion to HR Manager in February 2022, Mikaela will continue to support the work she has established and provide executive direction and corporate strategy towards diversity, talent, and human resource functions.