Culture: A compelling how-to story

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What is culture? The term is often used to describe a collaborative vision, passion, or common goal. Without culture and without a common sense of purpose, it is difficult for any organization to succeed.

In October 2014, InvestorsBank ownership sold the bank to American Bank. Leadership of American Bank went to great lengths to share and develop a common culture. 

Early in the transition process, American management deployed a dedicated, on-site individual whose primary purpose was to talk with each employee about the Bank, its culture, and a commitment to doing the right thing for the client. 

Often, employees of the acquired entity fill the void created by a lack of communication with a narrative that in most cases is incorrect.  Through early engagement of each employee, uncertainties about the transition were diminished. 

The investment and commitment by the acquiring entity to execute thorough and frequent communication delivered via one-on-one and team conversations was key. As the two banks continued to work collectively, the culture and collaboration solidified resulting in a very successful merger where the client base and staff of the two organizations were retained.

In December 2016, American Bank merged with National Exchange Bank & Trust. The two banks were both owned by NEB Corporation, a privately-owned family corporation. Despite having shared ownership, the two organizations had different cultures. 

Once again, leadership worked together to merge the two organizations and evolve with a common purpose embellished by the fundamentals developed over many years.

Today, National Exchange Bank & Trust is one of the strongest community banks in the state of Wisconsin. It is a collective common purpose and a collaborative culture that drives the Bank forward resulting in its success. The Bank is a testament to the benefit and development of a strong culture and common purpose. 

To learn more about how the strong culture of National Exchange Bank & Trust impacts our relationships with customers through integrity, trust and excellent customer service contact us today.

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Since 1983, Dick has been active in the Milwaukee commercial banking market, bringing a passion and strong commitment to closely-held and family-owned small businesses. He is a 1976 graduate of the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, is married, has four children and three grandchildren. He is active in the community, including: a director of EconomicsWisconsin; council president – St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Greendale; and roundtable chair and member of COSBE – MMAC.