CEO Q&A: Jerry Janzer, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c.

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BizTimes: What were the highlights for your firm over the past year?

Jerry janzer: Reinhart is celebrating its 125th anniversary, and we are proud to have played an important role in the success of so many companies that today define Milwaukee’s business landscape. In addition to our service to our clients, we are very excited about the total renovation of our offices at 1000 N. Water Street into a much brighter, more open environment. It has many collaborative areas, topped off by a dramatic, two-story penthouse with a catered cafeteria, conference center and casual space for hosting after-work activities and entertaining guests while looking out over the city.

Bt: What are the biggest opportunities and challenges for Milwaukee’s business community in the next 18 months?

JJ: Led by the Fiserv Forum and Northwestern Mutual tower, downtown Milwaukee has experienced tremendous new development in recent years. Milwaukee is increasingly recognized across the country as a great place to live and locate your business, and will soon find itself at the center of attention while hosting the 2020 Democratic National Convention. It is incumbent on the business community to use this momentum and national exposure as a catalyst for future growth. The biggest challenge is to make sure we build and maintain a diverse and skilled talent pool to fuel the positive things that are happening in our city.

Bt: How will those factors affect your clients?

JJ: It is an excellent opportunity for our clients. Many of them have reinvested in, or relocated to, downtown Milwaukee. As people and businesses move back downtown, it breathes new life into the city, making it much easier for our clients to attract the talent they need.

Bt: What new trends are emerging in the delivery of legal services?

JJ: Over the past decade, there has been a steady progression in the volume and speed of information available to attorneys, and the next frontier in our profession is the utilization of artificial intelligence and other technological tools to better and more efficiently serve our clients. While these tools will lead to some automation of legal services, in the end they will not supplant the valuable critical thinking and strategic counsel that a skilled attorney brings to each matter at hand.

Bt: What sets your firm apart from others?

JJ: While declaring yourself to be client focused is not uncommon in professional services, I truly believe that the degree to which we hold to that promise sets us apart. At Reinhart, our focus on clients’ interests is the defining characteristic of our firm. We measure our success by the value we add and the contributions we make to each client’s success. Above all else, it is that level of sustained, personal commitment that distinguishes our attorneys and our firm.

Bt: What are your main priorities Reinhart, moving forward?

JJ: We will continue to place our clients first in all that we do – in our practice of law, in our strategic decisions, and in every task we undertake. To do that, we need to be vigilant in identifying emerging needs and developing opportunities for our clients, such as cybersecurity and data privacy, and continue to expand our services to stay at the forefront of issues our clients face. By doing so we reinforce our commitment to adding value to every client relationship.

1000 North Water Street    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
(414) 298-1000

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