Celebrating 65 years of making homeownership possible at MGIC

Anniversary Celebrations: MGIC

We know what homeownership can do

At MGIC, we believe homeownership opens the door to economic and social benefits: wealth accumulation, family stability, improved education, safer neighborhoods, higher civic engagement, even improved health. That’s why we’re proud we invented the modern private mortgage insurance (MI) industry in 1957 and offer a product that has helped millions of families achieve homeownership sooner. 

Private MI helps people – especially first-time and low- to medium-wealth homebuyers – get the keys to their own homes with as little as 3% down. And we’ve joined the many private and public organizations that are collaborating on solutions to help close existing racial and ethnic gaps in homeownership. Homeownership’s benefits to society ripple outward, and the value we place on homes and the people in them influences the way we approach our business. 

Giving back locally

It’s not just our core product that strengthens communities. We strive to be a model in our hometown, the heart of downtown Milwaukee. We love our big city with its small-town feel, and we’re passionate about supporting the local community. Our corporate sponsorship and volunteerism programs – including paid volunteer hours – are well-loved by our co-workers and designed to make our community stronger while providing service, mentoring and leadership development opportunities to our employees.

Prioritizing the employee experience

We also strive to make a positive difference in our employees’ lives.

“We place a very high value on the employee experience,” said Annette Adams, Chief Human Resources Officer. “We want to ensure continual growth, healthy collaboration, and meaningful performance for every single co-worker – and that means thoughtfully cultivating every aspect of the experience, from benefits packages to manager training to diversity and inclusion efforts.”

MGIC has been a Top 100 Workplaces in Southeastern Wisconsin winner 10 consecutive times, and we are always looking for ways to create an ever more vibrant and inclusive workplace. This includes a generous benefits package and comprehensive wellness program, including on-site gym and fitness offerings, as well as paid volunteer time each year.

Customer success and innovation

MGIC has invested in a transformation of our business operations to provide a best-in-class, data-driven customer experience that meets the demands of an increasingly dynamic marketplace. That means investing in both technology and people, like the fresh perspectives and skill sets we’re bringing into our expanded Data + Analytics practice. 

65 years of helping communities thrive 

Both inside and outside our walls, we take pride in knowing that what we do matters. Affordable homeownership remains a cornerstone of strong and vibrant communities, and is just as impactful now as it was in 1957.

65 years later, we’re still here celebrating the 13.5 million people who were able to achieve homeownership much sooner than they dreamed possible with the help of MGIC mortgage insurance. We also celebrate our team, 700+ strong, who help make homeownership possible every day as MGIC co-workers. We’re proud to be a vibrant employer in Milwaukee, and the premier private MI provider nationwide, supporting the American dream of homeownership.

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Michael J Zimmerman is Senior Vice President of Investor Relations at MGIC