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Steve Jagler 
Sheboygan-based Johnsonville Sausage LLC says it “as much amused as it is surprised” that the European Union, in negotiating the terms of a new trade deal with the United States, is pushing to trademark several different foods, including bratwurst, that have originated in an EU country.
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WisconsinBiz: 'Remaking Wisconsin'

BizTimes Media proudly announces the publication of the second annual edition of WisconsinBiz.
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WITTENBERG – Men's fashion advice empire being built in Wittenberg

There aren’t many central Wisconsin residents who can claim to have more than 125,000 subscribers and 8 million views on YouTube.
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The customer is stalling. What do I say now?

Jeffrey, When a client says he or she is “still reviewing their options,” I know you say that's the result of their ability to see the value in my product or service. But how should I respond to this objection without pushing the...
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'Necessary investment in greatness': Have the courage to be authentic

One of my golf hats has the word “Inspire” written across the front. The hat is a souvenir from the best leadership development seminar I ever attended – and I don't need the hat to remind me of the session.
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Don't overreact: Balance and consistency is key to being a good manager

“If I become a manager, I'll never be like that…” we often say when we have a lousy boss. The problem is that we often over-correct and our behavioral pendulum swings too far in the opposite direction. Here are some examples:
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A collaborative HUB: A new approach to help create jobs here

For our businesses to succeed, we need people working so they can afford to buy our products and services.
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