Koss Corp. faces steep challenges

From this office, it's always been difficult to watch good Milwaukee people and companies endure hard times. More »

By Steve Jagler > September 17, 2014

Medical homes are proliferating

Washington County and Wisconsin are right in the middle of a seismic shift in the delivery of health care in America – from primary care as a loss leader for the big hospital corporations to medical homes for employees right at the work site. More »

By John Torinus > September 16, 2014

UWM School of Freshwater Sciences makes a big splash

When the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee unveils its expanded School of Freshwater Sciences this week in a two-day grand opening, it will be more than just celebration of the just-completed $53 million project. More »

By Mark Maley > September 12, 2014

Nardelli was a straight shooter

Editor's note: Tom Nardelli, who served as a Milwaukee alderman and as chief of staff for Gov. Scott Walker when Walker was Milwaukee County executive, passed away on Sept. 1. More »

By Alex Runner > September 10, 2014

Counterpoint: Corruption kills business opportunities

Your business bids for a government contract. Your reputation and track record are excellent and you have pared your price to the bone. You lose the bid, but find out later that the winning bidder made generous contributions to the elected... More »

By Bob Chernow > September 9, 2014

Point: Wisconsin business climate vastly improved with Walker

In the 2010 Wisconsin governor's race, then-candidate Scott Walker established a lofty goal for the state to create 250,000 private sector jobs within his first term. The number was big, it was bold, and more than anything, the statement put private... More »

By Steve Kohlmann > September 9, 2014

Tell me a little about yourself: Emerging liability issues with pre-employment background checks

More and more employers are choosing to conduct background checks on potential hires, including checks for criminal and credit history. There are a number of legitimate reasons for doing so, including compliance regulations in certain industries,... More »

By Erik Eisenmann > September 5, 2014

'Get Smarter' and jumpstart your career

“The Transfer of Knowledge and Power to the Next Generation” will be the theme of the 2014 BizTimes Get Smarter Talent Development Conference. More »

By Steve Jagler > September 4, 2014

Back to school 2014

Editor's note: This “A Note from Bill” article, written by Bill Penzey, owner of Brookfield-based Penzeys Spices, appears in the newest Penzeys Spices catalog. More »

By Bill Penzey > September 2, 2014

Congress must reauthorize Ex-Im Bank

Every poll taken shows that the number one issue on the minds of voters is “jobs and the economy.” Why, then, is a federal program that has helped create thousands of Wisconsin jobs at hundreds of Wisconsin businesses and generated... More »

By Steve Baas > August 29, 2014

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