Leadership lessons to be learned from Bo Ryan

In my opinion, Bo Ryan isn't only the University of Wisconsin's most successful coach and the best in Big Ten history; he is the best coach in the country. More »

By Joe Sweeney > March 26, 2015

State economic policies have consequences

In recent years, BizTimes has published news stories of dozens of Illinois businesses that have moved across the border into Wisconsin. More »

By Steve Jagler > March 25, 2015

Who is running the good ship Wisconsin?

When is a cabinet not a cabinet? More »

By John Torinus > March 24, 2015

Non-compete bill would stifle business in Wisconsin

State Sen. Paul Farrow (R-Pewaukee) recently authored legislation that would significantly change employer-employee non-compete agreements. More »

By Michael Bark > March 23, 2015

You’re just a clerk

I was teaching a night class at Upper Iowa University recently when a student said something that left me utterly dumbfounded. More »

By Jeff Kortes > March 20, 2015

State’s changes will cause people to go hungry

I am here to announce the state's new policy on food — YOU: Will Work For Food. More »

By Sherrie Tussler > March 19, 2015

It’s Sunshine Week; how about a little clarity?

During Sunshine Week, we celebrate Wisconsin's proud tradition of open government, including public and media access to government records. It's fitting that the League comes into Sunshine Week with an effort to resolve a conflict... More »

By Jerry Deschane > March 18, 2015

Assessing the Affordable Care Act on its fifth anniversary

Expansion of health insurance coverage does not equal access, according to Froedtert Health president and chief executive officer Cathy Jacobson. More »

By Hilary Dickinson > March 17, 2015

Co-working options abound for Milwaukee entrepreneurs

To witness the burgeoning co-working trend, just pop into a crowded coffee shop. You'll see both young and old hunkered down over laptops or earnestly discussing a project. More »

By Sue Pierman > March 16, 2015

Implementing policies for hiring and firing employees with work injuries

Disaster strikes and your employee suffers an injury at work. You know the worker's compensation statutes and regulations apply to guide how you handle the work injury, but do you understand how employment laws also impact your situation? Be... More »

By Maryeve Heath and Mary Beth Hughes > March 13, 2015

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