Listening is more profitable than selling

The key to growing your business in the next 12 months is not about your marketing campaign. It isn't about how you craft your sales pitch. It isn't even about the periodic price discounts you offer. More »

By Ben Merens

Become a cyber-resilient organization

Change, complexity and confusion. This seems to be the status quo in the world of cybersecurity today. The frequency and impact of cyber attacks and data breaches have spiked in recent months, forcing companies to grapple with a business threat that... More »

By Jeff Bilek

Time is a precious commodity

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I worked at another media company that strongly believed that annual employee performance reviews were the best way to evaluate and get the most out of its employees. More »

By Steve Jagler

It's out: Wisconsin is No. 2 nationwide for scaling up companies

Wisconsin has emerged as No. 2 in the United States in its “mid-market” business sector in the inaugural Dun & Bradstreet/American Express Power Index survey of 19 million American businesses released last month, outshining... More »

By Dan Isenberg

Don’t change Wisconsin worker’s compensation system

Wisconsin's worker's compensation system - established in 1911 and part of the “Wisconsin Idea” in politics - has been in place longer than any other in the country. More »

By Charlie Domer

Status quo no longer works for state's Medicaid program

It's no surprise that education and health care receive the most funding in the state budget. Education spending represents half of the budget. Health care costs represent a third of the budget. What is surprising, however, is the discrepancy in... More »

By Jim Steineke

WEDC takes bold approach to economic development

When the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation was established in July 2011, its primary mission was clear: Respond quickly to the needs of the business community by working hand-in-hand with companies, economic development organizations and... More »

By Reed Hall

Simple transfer of worker's compensation will improve system

Wisconsin has one of the finest worker's compensation systems in the nation and this known fact has directly benefited workers and employers for more than a century. But this should not preclude our elected officials and state government from... More »

By Matt Banaszynski

The Wills and the Will Nots

For generations, we have lamented the growing disparity between the Haves and the Have Nots and blamed it for the degeneration that surrounds us. But this gap is a result of something more fundamental: the disparity between the Wills and the Will... More »

By Susan Marshall

ESOP fables: Reviewing the myths and facts about Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) can be an attractive way for an owner to sell a company and for employees to gain an ownership stake. ESOPs are qualified retirement plans that buy, hold and sell company stock for the benefit of employees. One... More »

By Bryan Browning and Timothy Stewart

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