Voters set transportation as a priority

Talk about misreading the outcome of an election. When it comes to the constitutional amendment to segregate the transportation fund, many of the pundits and prognosticators are so far off the mark it is laughable. More »

By Craig Thompson > November 21, 2014

Hands off our Internet, Mr. President

The Internet is one of greatest technological achievements in recent memory and maybe even in our lifetime. This ability to easily - and economically - access information and communicate is something even as recently as thirty years ago would have... More »

By Steve Kohlmann > November 20, 2014

The 5 things a baseball team can teach us about our family business

Operating a successful Major League Baseball franchise takes a great team, and not just the guys on the field. At a recent event, Rick Schlesinger outlined what it takes to build a winning organization behind the scenes. Over 11 seasons with the... More »

By Robert Holton > November 19, 2014

Shop local this holiday season

As a husband, father and grandfather, I know how important it is to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. As the president of a locally owned and operated family business, I also understand how the gifts we give can have a huge impact on our... More »

By Jim Sajdak > November 18, 2014

What if Ray Rice played for the Packers? How Wisconsin law impacts arrest and conviction record discrimination

Between Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, the National Football League has recently faced significant media attention regarding the way it has handled its players' off-the-field misconduct. Rice was initially suspended for two games after he was... More »

By Laura Malugade and Erik Eisenmann > November 17, 2014

Tear down the downtown Postal Center

In recent years, the Milwaukee Bucks have not had much to celebrate when they've conducted their annual Preview Luncheon with the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce. More »

By Steve Jagler > November 14, 2014

New plan allows employees to ‘SHOP’ for health insurance

Instead of choosing a single health care plan for employees, imagine offering them a wide variety of plan options from various insurance companies. More »

By Hilary Dickinson > November 13, 2014

Net neutrality 101

President Barack Obama took a stand this week by calling for the Federal Communications Commission to preserve net neutrality by regulating broadband service like a utility. More »

By Steve Jagler > November 12, 2014

Help honor our vets on Veterans Day

Throughout this year, Americans have been bombarded by a stream of bad news from overseas: the rise and advance of ISIS (Islamic State), renewed Russian nationalism, the Ukraine crisis, redeployment of American troops to Iraq, Chinese assertiveness... More »

By John Casey > November 11, 2014

Franklin plans monumental developments

Here are some details on the plans that I alluded to at the South Suburban Chamber “State of the Cities” meeting in September. More »

By Steve Olson > November 10, 2014

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