A Thanksgiving appeal to the great techie in The Cloud

A techie's Thanksgiving prayer to the Great CIO in the Sky: More »

By Tom Still > November 25, 2014

GivingTuesday: start a new tradition

This week, families will gather together to give thanks - a time to be grateful for all we have, including an appreciation for those who join us around the table for a wonderfully prepared meal. More »

By John Kordsmeier > November 25, 2014

Summit will focus on servant leadership

One of society's biggest challenges in a competitive world is how to be the best that we can be and simultaneously help others be the best they can be. More »

By Richard Pieper > November 25, 2014

Connect your dollars to your values

A general focuses on the battlefield and where the enemy is coming from, while the soldier in the foxhole keeps his sight within a 10-yard perimeter. In a similar vein, business leaders must understand the lay of a more expansive external... More »

By Kay Plantes > November 25, 2014

Immigration changes will affect employers and employees

President Barack Obama announced sweeping new administrative reforms to the way current immigration laws are enforced. Politics aside, there are a number of changes to the ways these new rules will be administered. Some will occur quickly, but... More »

By Grant Sovern > November 24, 2014

Voters set transportation as a priority

Talk about misreading the outcome of an election. When it comes to the constitutional amendment to segregate the transportation fund, many of the pundits and prognosticators are so far off the mark it is laughable. More »

By Craig Thompson > November 21, 2014

Hands off our Internet, Mr. President

The Internet is one of greatest technological achievements in recent memory and maybe even in our lifetime. This ability to easily - and economically - access information and communicate is something even as recently as thirty years ago would have... More »

By Steve Kohlmann > November 20, 2014

The 5 things a baseball team can teach us about our family business

Operating a successful Major League Baseball franchise takes a great team, and not just the guys on the field. At a recent event, Rick Schlesinger outlined what it takes to build a winning organization behind the scenes. Over 11 seasons with the... More »

By Robert Holton > November 19, 2014

Shop local this holiday season

As a husband, father and grandfather, I know how important it is to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. As the president of a locally owned and operated family business, I also understand how the gifts we give can have a huge impact on our... More »

By Jim Sajdak > November 18, 2014

What if Ray Rice played for the Packers? How Wisconsin law impacts arrest and conviction record discrimination

Between Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, the National Football League has recently faced significant media attention regarding the way it has handled its players' off-the-field misconduct. Rice was initially suspended for two games after he was... More »

By Laura Malugade and Erik Eisenmann > November 17, 2014

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